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Why our ECU / chip tuning files service

Our history is long: we modified our first vehicle back in 1995.

Our customers include individuals, large companies and racing teams. From the beginning we strive for maximum quality and solid cooperation.

In addition to individual modifications – ECU / chip tuning files – we also offer additional services such as DPF/OPF off, Decat, AdBlue removal, V-Max, etc. We also have a huge database of original ECU files. if you ever need it, we’re here for you. If you have any questions, feel free to use our chat or email form. We will be of the utmost assistance.

Ferrari engine

Partner with us. We will support your current business. We help you create your new business.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to provide quality cooperation for your existing business or help you get started. We will supply the necessary ECU / chip tuning files, recommend the necessary equipment or we can deliver it directly to you. While you attend to your customers, we'll do what needs to be done. We're in this together. 🤝

🚀 Fast delivery.

We always do our best to deal with your request as quickly as possible. We give a deadline of two hours. However, in the vast majority of cases it is much sooner. We are honest and transparent.

How to use our ECU / chip tuning files service

  • Download the ECU file (map) from the vehicle to be modified.

  • Find and add to cart ECU / chip tuning file for the right vehicle.

  • On the Checkout page, upload your prepared file.

  • Send your order.

  • In the shortest possible time (max 2 hours) you will receive individually modified the ECU / chip tuning file in your email.

  • Upload the received ECU / chip tuning file back to the ECU.

  • That’s all!

How to use our ECU / chip tuning files

Original ECU files
There are situations where you may need the original files from the manufacturer. We have such a database and are ready to help you. If such a situation arises, simply order this service from our catalogue and we will send you the relevant file immediately.

Oil pump pressure increase for VAG
Because we have been preparing files for a really long time, we are one of the few who can adjust the oil pump pressure. Of course, it must be possible to control it with software. This is a very useful adjustment especially on newer Audi cars.

Our catalog
We are still working to keep our offer up to date. However, it may happen that you do not find what you are looking for. However, this does not necessarily mean that we do not modify the motorization in question. Please feel free to use our chat or contact form. This way we can resolve the situation quickly and together.

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